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Developer /

builder fit-outs

What is a developer/builder fit-out?

At Styled. we offer a range of tailored packages to suit the builder developing homes to sell, furnishing display homes and custom hire terms including photoshoot one-day hire. 

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Homes to sell

Builders developing homes to sell, may have several homes within one development and choose to style only one property at a time. We offer unique packages where you can style one and then have us come back and relocate the furniture into another dwelling within the development at a fraction of the cost. 

We also offer discounted pricing for multiple properties styled within one development should for example two properties be unique to one another with their styling, fixtures and fittings, in order to showcase different trends to appeal to a broader market.

Display homes

Building a home for display? We offer long term hire packages, or we can select and source all your furniture and decor to purchase, style and install for you to keep.

Custom hire

Our general hire terms are six weeks for standard styling, however with our builders packages, we offer short one-day hire for photography purposes, right through to 6-12 month hire for display purposes.

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